Ajax Open House Perspective

Tracy Hendry, Vice President of the Kamloops Astronomical Society, had the following comments on the recent Ajax Open House: I attended the Ajax Mine Open House on Monday evening, February 6th. There were security personnel in the hall outside the room and a table where one could sign in. There was a greeter just inside the door who kindly informed me what the set-up of the room was, where to find the people I needed to talk to and where to find the computer stations where I could provide comments if I wished. There were also information hand-outs to take. … Continue reading Ajax Open House Perspective

Night Sky Happenings

Here are some Night Sky Events for February and March. Get out and enjoy the wonder of our dark skies! Feb. 20 to March 12: Best evening apparition of Mercury In February and March, the “elusive” innermost planet Mercury moves far enough from the glare of the sun to be readily visible soon after sunset. Its appearance will be augmented by two other bright planets (Venus and Jupiter), which also will be visible in the western sky during this same time frame. March 3: Mars arrives at opposition On March 3, the Earth will be passing Mars as the two … Continue reading Night Sky Happenings