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One thought on “Events

  1. Having survived the flood of 2021, our investigation into causes of this have been insightful.
    The aftermath of forest fires (compliments of the June heat dome) left a scorched forest floor unable to absorb water, resulting in a huge contribution to the flooding!
    We need a GROUND FORCE military operation to address the forest floors immediately after a fire and before the seasonal rains. If the waxy surface were raked to form impenetrable mounds along the contour lines of the hillsides, then
    a) the raked part of the hillside would be able to absorb water.
    b) the waxy, waterproof mounds would hold water on the hillside and allow much of it to soak into the forest floor
    c) the mounds would naturally decompose and release nutrients back to scorched forest floor.
    d) the contours could be vegetated behind the mounds to create terrace like hillsides better able to deal with climatic changes.

    This is not rocket science …… but it needs many boots on the ground to achieve! Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh have responsed from their offices stating they have heard this plea {?} …. but we need to add more voices to put weight on this serious and very doable action.
    #climate action #forest fires # floods

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