Who are we? Transition Kamloops is an organization focused on increasing local resilience and self-sufficiency in food, water, energy, culture and wellness. We emphasize a local economy, healthy ecosystems, and grassroots community building, while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. We believe in a better way: a community that sustains life in all its diversity, strives for equality and justice and invests in the future.

What is the Transition Kamloops Network? Transition Kamloops has set up this website as an open communications network intended to enhance communication and cooperation amongst organizations and individuals concerned with building a more resilient community.

Why? Our area has many groups doing wonderful work, but it’s difficult to keep track of what others are up to.  This website is meant to build connections between us.  Better communication will facilitate collaboration and a stronger, more unified voice on community issues.

Four different ways to benefit!

    1. Subscribe to the newsletter, which will send the latest posts in digest form to your Inbox via email.  Just click on the Newsletter button at the top of your screen.  Newsletters usually include 6-8 brief articles about upcoming activities and/or current issues, and frequency depends on the amount of material received from the community.
    2. Anyone is welcome to post articles and events relevant to sustainability and social justice in the Kamloops area. Send us an article about your activities, and we’ll put it up!
    3. Organized groups are welcome to add their information to the Group Directory, so that others might find you.
    4. Link your website to ours, and we’ll be happy to reciprocate.   We’ll also carry your Facebook feed, if you like.   Help build partnerships — together,  we’re better!