Your donation powers our work.

Our world is in a period of great transition. How we come out at the other end depends largely on our actions in this decade.

Transition Kamloops channels our community’s collective energy to create the future we want. Environmental, social and economic sustainability: we believe they’re all connected.  

From hands-on events like Repair Cafes, to advocating for green burial or better active transportation infrastructure, to hosting all-candidate forums on the environment—our activities are driven by the passions of our volunteers. Together, we are shaping the future we want to see.

Because our organization is 100% volunteer, we will maximize the impact of your donation. We are a registered not-for-profit society (not a charity), so we cannot offer tax receipts. 

Cheque or e-transfer

1) From your bank account to ours.  Send an e-transfer to Please include your name and email address.

2) Mail or drop off a cheque made out to “Transition Kamloops” to 330 Greenstone Drive, Kamloops, BC.

Or use Zeffy! Monthly donations (of any amount) make our planning easier.

Thanks for supporting a grassroots team of caring and committed Kamloopsians!