Green Smoothie Revolution

Boutenko talk: Green Smoothie Revolution The Boutenkos are the authors of some of the most popular Raw Books and DVD’s such as: · ‘Greens for Live” · “Fresh – the Ultimate Live Food Cookbook” by Sergei & Valya · “12 Steps to Raw Foods” · “Greens Can Save Your Life” – DVD · “Reversing the Irreversible” – DVD by Valya April 21: Kamloops Time: Tuesday, 6-9pm Location: The Thompson Hotel & Conference Centre in the Conference Room 650 Victoria St. Cost: General Public $15 / RawBC* members $10 (Price includes sample of green smoothie and raw appetizers) RawBC membership is … Continue reading Green Smoothie Revolution

April 22nd is Earth Day

On Earth Day this year, consider doing something for Mother Earth, such as: Organize a neighbourhood clean up. Buy environmentally friendly cleaning products or try using natural cleaners such as vinegar, lemons or baking soda. Reduce the amount of resources you use and generate less waste. Pack a litterless lunch, reusable items can be 45% less expensive and they have approximately 89% less waste than single use lunches. Composting reduces household waste by 30% and helps decrease greenhouse gases generated from our landfill. * Reuse items before discarding them. Donate used goods to local charities, shops or schools. Post items … Continue reading April 22nd is Earth Day