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BCSEA (Kamloops Chapter)

The British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association is a provincial organization whose mandate is to help facilitate a transition to a sustainable energy future in BC.  Our local chapter holds meetings every month or two, with guest speakers on a variety of topics, e.g. converting your bicycle to an electric bike, or installing solar thermal to heat your domestic hot water via the sun’s rays.   Our biggest annual event is the Kamloops Energy Fair, a trade show that highlights local products and ideas about energy sustainability.  We are a volunteer organization, and we welcome new members!

Telephone: (250) 318-6483

Kamloops 350 is the first large-scale grassroots global campaign for action on climate change, and Kamloops 350 is the local chapter. The group takes its name from the number of parts per million that scientists agree is a safe level for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  Unfortunately, we’re currently at about 392, so the challenge is urgent.  Kamloops 350 partners with other local groups on initiatives to educate people and change behaviour to reduce our carbon emissions.   The group’s first accomplishment was to create this website!  They also organized The Great Green Transportation Tune-Up in the fall of 2011.  To get involved or for more info, contact


Kamloops Astronomical Society

The Kamloops Astronomical Society is a community astronomy club that promotes interest in, and the study and knowledge of, astronomy and allied sciences by lay and professional persons. We hold monthly meetings to discuss Society events and present astronomy related talks from KAS members and guest speakers. We meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm either at Thompson Rivers University (TRU) or at our Stake Lake observing site.

The location for each meeting and observing information is posted on our website:

Kamloops Food Policy Council

The vision: People and community groups working together to build a community where all persons at all times have enough food for well-being.

What do we do?

  • We create chances for people to meet and act on community food issues.
  • We provide public education and advocacy.
  • We develop food policies that will improve the food security and health of our community.
  • We create and support community food programs like community gardens, The Good Food Box, food recuperation, farmers markets, and community kitchens.

Contact us through our website:

or call (250) 851-7300 for more info.

Kamloops Moms For Clean Air

Kamloops Moms For Clean Air uses the power of moms to protect and improve the air in Kamloops. We are uncompromising defenders of our children’s health. Our intent is simple: to ensure that our children, whose lives are entrusted to us, have a healthy environment in which to grow and flourish. We will remain vigilant in recognizing potential threats to our air quality and respond quickly, boldly and publicly to defend our children.

Our website:

E-mail contact:

Kamloops Naturalist Club

Our group is dedicated to the protection and promotion of the natural environment. We meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month at Heritage House at 7 pm. Our meetings include guest speakers on a variety of topics about species and environment. We have field trips most weekends of the year.

For further information, please check our website, .

Public Produce Project

We are a community group who built a public produce garden in downtown Kamloops in 2011, and will continue to promote growing food in public places.  We are looking for volunteers, ideas, and input. Send us an email at and find us on facebook “Kamloops Public Produce Project.”

Kamloops Urban Hens

Kamloops Urban Hens is non-permanent campaign based action group dedicated to promoting sustainable land use, urban agriculture and legalizing responsible hen keeping in Kamloops and throughout the rest of North America.  This group was responsible for several proposals to Kamloops city council for a pilot project and the legalization of hens in the urban environment.  Although the council declined the proposals, Kamloops Urban Hens continues, on a smaller scale, to do some education on the subject.  In Oct 2011, when a new council is elected there maybe a resurgence of activity in the group depending on the political environment at the time.

Look for more information on our Facebook page.
Or contact Bonnie Klohn at

Social & Environmental Action Committee, Kamloops Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Unitarian Universalism is a religion based on freedom of religious thought and conscience. The Social And Environmental Action Committee of UUKAM is committed to building awareness of social justice and environmental issues, and participating in local and global initiatives which will improve lives and benefit the earth.  We invite members of the public to join with us on initiatives like a group energy conservation challenge using BC Hydro’s Power Smart resources,  lobbying for effective government policy on greenhouse gas emissions, and many others.  No need to be a UU!

Telephone: (250) 374-5594

Thompson-Shuswap Chef Farmer Collaborative

The Thompson-Shuswap Chef Farmer Collaborative (TSCFC) seeks to celebrate local food in our region using sustainable programs that inspire and educate our membership and the community about the benefits of eating local.  We will also help foster responsible regional agriculture, sustainability, and food security.   Chefs:  Join to connect to the best farmers and producers in the region.  Farmers:  Join to connect to the best restaurants in the region.

Connecting local farmers, producers & distributors with local chefs

to create a sustainable food system.


Telephone: (250) 371-599

TRU Department of Environment & Sustainability

Thompson Rivers University is the university of choice for environmental sustainability.  For the Environmental Sustainability department, this means reducing the university’s ecological footprint, working towards carbon neutrality and lowering energy use.  We aim to protect a healthy natural environment on and around campus, assist the university in adhering to high environmental standards in new buildings and implementing retrofits in old ones.  We also help to foster a sustainability culture in classrooms research and individual behaviour.The department of Environmental Sustainability places an emphasis on fostering literacy, building partnership, improving operations and advancing knowledge in sustainability. This department is also active in the community, organizing and participating in projects such as community clean-ups, sustainability speakers and community forums.


TRU ECO is a student-led group at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia.  TRU ECO’s mission is to help individuals and organizations adopt sustainable practices through research, promotion, and application of best practices.  TRU-ECO also helps to identify sustainability issues, promote public awareness, develop strategies, and implement solutions in support of sustainability, both on campus and within the community.

This student group has been active since 2007 organizing projects such as Sustainability Week, the Do It In the Dark, eco-fundraising shows, community clean ups, information tables on campus and Trashion Shows.

TRU ECO works closely with the department of Environment and Sustainability, and helps to bring in speakers for sustainability events on campus.

Meetings are weekly, and the time usually changes each semester to accommodate the maximum amount of students possible.  To find out when the current meetings are, visit the website: and click on the contact us link. OR “like” our facebook page!/pages/TRU-ECO-Club/191412220887921.

Wells Gray World Heritage Committee

This committee aims to achieve international recognition for Wells Gray Park as a World Heritage Site. The Park has an impressive geological history with 2 million years of volcanic eruptions and Pleistocene glaciers that have left landforms seen in few places in the world. It is world renowned for its collection of waterfalls, the largest in any park in North America. The largest river in Canada rising entirely within a protected area is found in Wells Gray Park. And its world-class alpine flower meadows attract thousands of international visitors every summer.

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