A photo taken from very high up above a river, carving its way through a plain

TK is part of the Kamloops Film Festival!

Transition Kamloops will be a featured non-profit at the 2024 Kamloops Film Festival! We are excited about this great opportunity to meet new people and show our 1-minute Climate Action Fest 2.0 video!

On Wednesday, March 6th, we are going to have a table inside the entrance of the Paramount Theatre starting at 6 pm. At 6:45 pm, we’ll give a short presentation before the 7 pm screening of River, a 2021 Australian film which won Best Documentary and Best Original Score in a Documentary at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts.

From Madmen Films: “Created in collaboration with the Australian Chamber Orchestra and narrated by Willem Dafoe, RIVER is a profound cinematic and musical reflection on how rivers have shaped both the planet’s elaborate landscapes and all human existence. Throughout history, rivers have shaped our landscapes and our journeys; flowed through our cultures and dreams. River takes its audience on a journey through space and time; spanning six continents, and drawing on extraordinary contemporary cinematography, including satellite filming, the film shows rivers on scales and from perspectives never seen before. Its union of image, music and sparse, poetic script create a film that is both dream-like and powerful, honouring the wildness of rivers but also recognising their vulnerability.”

Kamloops Film Society describes the movie as “a stunning exploration of the timeless relationship between human civilization and Earth‘s rivers, in all their majesty and fragility.” That fragility strikes a chord with us, given the recent changes to the water levels in our local source of life, the Thompson River.

We hope to connect with you at the screening of this exciting film! For ticket information and a list of all the great films coming to this year’s Film Festival, see the online program guide.

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