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Next Repair Cafe

UPDATE: Special Repair Cafe on TRU Campus, November 18, 2023. A collaboration with GEOG 3990 students!

Dull knives, ripped Halloween costumes, creaky chairs? Help is coming soon! Visit the Repair Café at the Kamloops Yacht Club on Saturday, October 21 between 10 am and 3 pm.

Repair Café volunteers will assess whether your item is reparable or whether its day is done. If there’s hope, Repair Cafe “fixers” will diagnose what’s ailing your item and teach you how to carry out the repair. We can even repair some items that are no longer manufactured. Since 2018 our skilled volunteers have saved hundreds of items from the landfill. Anything you can carry in (except computers and cell phones) is fair game, including lamps, hair dryers, toasters, clothing, bikes, and toys.

Says organizer Carl Gagnier: “We’re always amazed at the variety of items that people bring in. We’ve had everything from an erhu (a Chinese stringed instrument – who knew!?!) to an antique music box. No promises that we can fix everything, but you won’t find a team more willing to try!” Gagnier reports that they usually have a successful repair rate of about 65%.

The Kamloops Repair Café is an initiative of Transition Kamloops, a local not-for-profit dedicated to building a more resilient community. Repair Café volunteers gratefully acknowledge funding from a City of Kamloops Climate Action Grant – we’re doing our part to help Kamloops achieve its Climate Action Plan!

Keep an eye out for upcoming events on the Kamloops Repair Café Facebook page.


SATURDAY, October 21st, 10 am to 3 pm

Kamloops Yacht Club, 1140 River Street

3 thoughts on “Next Repair Cafe

  1. Saturday, November 18th at TRU House of Learning (by the Makerspace, behind the Tim Horton’s) from 11 am to 4 pm

  2. You fixed or helped me fix an electric messager a while back and now I have an battery (4) Christmas type animal that has stopped working after years that I would really like to get fixed or get some advice on and can come to you as I did before and will pay for your advice. Can you help?
    Thank you Bob

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