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UPDATE: Local climate action projects

Our community climate action projects are budding! Get in touch if you’d like to learn more or volunteer with one of the project teams.

Citizens for Climate Action

Citizens for Climate Action is a vocal collective of Transition Kamloops volunteers committed to communicating with decision- and policy-makers about the urgency of the climate crisis and opportunities to act. We advocate for timely, meaningful and inclusive climate action and policy that will help Kamloops, BC and Canada meet climate targets and ensure adaptations serve the whole community.   

Our first initiative is researching the FortisBC and municipal gas expansion. We plan to address this issue with City Council.

Green Burials

A green burial is the right to be buried without chemicals, coffin, or cremation, and to be able to contribute to the environment in your decomposition. The Green Burial action project is working on advocating for bylaw changes they’d like to see around green burials – especially as the demand for green burial space in Kamloops is conservatively projected by the City to reach 165 plots by 2049. The group is also researching funeral home options when pursuing a green burial, and spreading the word about green burials in our community. 

Imagine Kamloops

Imagine Kamloops is an action project under the umbrella of Transition Kamloops with the goal of creating an alternative vision for our city: one that pushes the boundaries of the “possible” while giving citizens an opportunity to imagine a more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable community.

The project team will conduct research, consult with the community, and spend time deliberating to produce documents and multi-media pieces that showcase the Kamloops we want to see. The deliverables may  include maps, renderings, visuals at different scales (e.g., street, neighbourhood, city-wide), and descriptions of best practices as seen in other cities. 

Music to Promote Projects

Create a song or poetry-writing challenge to help engage Kamloopsians in, and raise awareness and understanding about, the climate crisis, particularly among young people.

Nature Friendly Yards

We are a group supporting each other in making our yard spaces more ecologically friendly. Our action project aims to develop practical working knowledge about native plant landscaping, which we will share with the community. Our short-term goals include connecting with experts on native landscaping, piloting our vision in our own yards and gardens, and starting to spread the word about Nature Friendly Yards. Long term, we aim to educate community members on how they can develop their own spaces with native landscaping in mind.

Pie in the Sky Solar Stadium

A sports stadium at TRU with a retractable solar roof and solar panels around a solid base over the stands (seats).

Propel Us Car Share

Propel Us Car Share is a group planning a cooperative vehicle sharing program. This project aims to incentivize folks to lower their dependence on cars, and thus lower their carbon emissions, while still having the option of driving when it makes sense. Propel Us will have hubs at Propolis Cooperative Housing Society and at other locations around the city. The project group is conducting research on other car shares, both in Kamloops and beyond, to find out what makes them successful; they are looking at financial models and partnership opportunities as they draft their business plan

Bike Friendly Businesses

Bike Friendly Businesses is partnering with folks from the Kamloops Cycling Coalition to survey local businesses across the city. We will explore attitudes and awareness levels while identifying barriers and opportunities to provide safe and secure bike parking for employees and patrons of businesses across Kamloops.

Protecting Our Urban Trees

We aim to provide education and hands-on care to help our existing trees thrive within the city before we plant more. 

Solar farm – shelved

The Solar Farm project aimed to create a community-based solar farm on non-arable land, or on the roof of a large industrial building, school, or similar site. The project has been shelved after extensive research into other communities and companies that have participated in similar projects; we found that they had a poor economic return and low-impact environmental return. 

Website & Recipes – complete

This action project is already complete! Hosted on the Transition Kamloops website, volunteers put together a Climate Action webpage that educates users on their carbon footprint, and how to shrink it. The page focuses on reducing your carbon emissions through diet, and includes local food resources to promote the reduction of carbon emissions from importing food, alongside a collection of recipes to encourage a shift away from red meat. You can view the page here

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  1. I’d like to learn more about the shelved solar farm idea and very much like to speak to those most involved in the research. I have some ideas about a combined geothermal/solar community I’d like to share and get some feedback.

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