Shoutout to Kamloops Food Policy Council for the Food & the City series

Part of what we do at Transition Kamloops is build community connections by shining a light on good work done by other local organizations. We’ve long been superfans of the Kamloops Food Policy Council’s work, and their latest series of blog posts on civic issues is worth a special shoutout.

“How can we incentivize the development of affordable housing?”

“How can we ensure that public space works for everyone?”

“How can we pivot from a car-centric culture to healthier, more equitable model of transportation?”

If these questions interest you, this series will get you thinking. Strong local food systems can help us get to more affordable housing, walkable neighbourhoods, stronger local economies, spaces for safety and belonging, and more. Find the seven briefing papers (and even a slide presentation) here on the KFPC website.


  • Sustainable development & affordable housing
  • Public spaces and the commons
  • Planning for people, not cars
  • Healthy ecosystems & pesticide use
  • Community safety
  • Community food security
  • Decolonizing the municipality

Honestly, this whole series is a must-read. Tell a friend, and tell a councillor!

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