Climate Cafe: Nov 10 @4pm, Smorgasbord Deli

From November 6th – 18th of this year, world leaders will gather at the COP27 conference in Egypt to discuss their plans to address global heating.

Despite increasingly clear evidence of the climate emergency, leaders across the world and particularly in Canada are failing to take the decisive action needed to protect our world, and particularly the most vulnerable members of the global community. Canada has yet to reduce our national emissions, our government continues to approve and subsidize new fossil fuel infrastructure, and we are falling behind in our commitments to fund energy transitions in less developed countries. This cannot continue. 

In recognition of the need for change, we will be joining members of ClimateFast and For the Love of Creation across Canada in hosting a candlelight vigil on November 10th, 2022 at 4 pm at The Smorgasbord Deli, 225 7th Avenue in Kamloops. This will be a time to reflect and share our love for our planet, our concern for ourselves and our fellow human beings at risk from climate change, and our hopes for truly transformative action to happen at COP and through each other. This invitation coincides with and complements the call for a Global Day of Action on November 12. Contact George Johnson for more information.

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