Who are the sustainability leaders in Kamloops’ municipal election?

Elections matter and voters deserve to know where the candidates stand. Transition Kamloops asked the 28 local candidates for Mayor and Councillor to answer a ten-question survey with a focus on sustainability. We got 18 surveys back.

We looked at the survey answers, analyzed the platforms of the candidates who responded, checked their media interviews, reviewed their past actions, listened to them speak at a forum, and distilled all that research into this shortlist for sustainability-minded voters. Drum roll, please….

Our Sustainability Shortlist

Mayoral Sustainability Champion: Arjun Singh

While we feel that Dieter Dudy and Sadie Hunter also have much to offer in terms of sustainability commitments especially when defined to include progressive social policy, the clear winner in terms of leadership on climate action is Arjun Singh. He has spearheaded several initiatives including the push to align Council policies with the IPCC target to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees and has been a tireless advocate for a strong Community Climate Action Plan. Climate action is one of Arjun’s five platform planks—front and centre on his website and in his public commitments.

Councillor Sustainability Champions:

The following candidates have a proven track record as strong advocates. They have earned reputations for “talking the talk, and walking the walk” on inclusive, progressive social policy and climate action. Lists are done alphabetically by first name.

The following candidates do not have as strong a history but are making sustainability commitments that are on the right track. We encourage you to consider these candidates and do further research on them.

Finally, we find the fresh, positive approach of Bonnie Cleland worth mentioning. She doesn’t pretend to have all the answers, but we believe her “Four Promises” would help Councillors find a sustainable path forward when there are no easy answers.

Climate action records of 2018–2022 Council members

Council motion to align City policies with IPCC goal of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees (June 25, 2019, p. 8): 

  • Affirmative: Mayor Christian, Councillors Bass, Dudy, Hunter, Sarai, Sinclair, Singh, and Walsh
  • Opposed: Councillor O’Reilly

Council voted unanimously to adopt the Community Climate Action Plan (June 29, 2021, p. 6)

Committee of the Whole motion to approve an annual 0.35% tax increase for funding the Community Climate Action Plan (April 5, 2022, p. 6):

  • Affirmative: Mayor Christian, Councillors Bass, Dudy, Hunter, Sinclair, Singh, and Walsh
  • Opposed: Councillors O’Reilly and Sarai

Council motion to approve the implementation of the community-wide Curbside Organic Waste Collection program (July 19, 2022, p. 9-10):

  • Affirmative: Mayor Christian; Councillors Bass, Dudy, Hunter, Sarai, Sinclair, Singh, and Walsh
  • Opposed: Councillor O’Reilly

Climate Action Pledge signers among Councillors running again:

  • Signed: Councillors Bass, Dudy, and Singh
  • Declined to sign: Councillors Hunter, O’Reilly, and Sarai

Individual Surveys

Mayoral Candidates

Councillor Candidates

Why did we choose to put out a list?

We debated long and hard whether we should “name names” or just share the 18 survey responses for you to sift through. In the end, after hours of research and thoughtful discussions, we chose to make it as easy as possible for folks to identify the candidates most aligned with the values of Transition Kamloops. We accept that we may not have gotten it 100% right, and we encourage you to consider this list a starting point. Please do your own research (check out the upcoming forums) and most importantly, please vote.