Emerging Regenerative Communities

In the ongoing Active Hope training sessions being hosted by Transition Kamloops, the idea of the emergence of new and novel possibilities as products of system interaction has been part of our discussion. We have considered how 1 + 1 = 2 and a bit, how working together we can bring about more than when we work individually.

When faced with solving the issues of the day, it is imperative that we work together to find the solutions that are better than any of us can come up with on our own. Our friends to the south at Transition US have developed a program “focused on nurturing the development of local, municipal, and (bio)regional efforts to build a more regenerative and just world. This series of 4 monthly sessions is designed to offer a creative and courageous shared learning journey that inspires, energizes, and encourages us to leverage our collective efforts across issue areas and networks in support of the emerging “Regenerative Communities Movement”.

As part of the above program, they are hosting the R4 Practicum, a once a month on line workshop series based on the four themes of Resist, Repair, Reimagine and Regenerate. They are inviting participation from March to June based on a suggested donation of $35. Register here.

Photo credit: Alan Levine

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