Kamloops Cycling Coalition: Bike route comparisons

The City of Kamloops has identified a network of existing and future multi-use pathways, off road paths, bicycle lanes, and shared routes on The Transportation Master Plan. This is a good start for developing our city’s cycling infrastructure. 

Many of these pathways and routes provide for lovely scenic recreational rides for residents and visitors to the city, however they are not necessarily the safest or most efficient routes for cycle commuting.  Cycle commuting requires planning and consideration that is different from casual recreational pedaling. 

With this in mind, local cycling advocate Rob Higgins has developed a draft document containing mapped routes specifically selected for the cycle commuters’ use.  Compare some of the City’s routes with Rob’s routes below. (Rob’s routes are shown in blue, with the City’s routes shown directly below each one).

Downtown & Lower Sahali

Aberdeen & Upper Sahali

North Shore

2 thoughts on “Kamloops Cycling Coalition: Bike route comparisons

  1. So much thought and work has gone into this. The maps are too small for me to actually grasp the routes but I can see that I see an extensive commuting network (in blue) and I like that. I don’t bring nearly that depth of insight into existing, versus city plan versus your plan versus my yearning.
    In other words my input might be a bit of a backwards step.
    Happy to do it if anyone thinks it could be useful.

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