Kamloops Cycling Coalition needs your support!

With unprecedented flooding and extreme temperatures quickly becoming the norm across British Columbia, it has become more urgent than ever to make necessary adjustments to our current lifestyles. Our means of transportation is one important aspect that needs to be addressed…now! We need to minimize the use of single occupancy vehicles and self-propel more. We need active transportation to become a staple of our new healthy lifestyle and we need to advocate with the strength of numbers for safe, efficient bicycling infrastructure.

We are reaching out to the Transition Kamloops community because we believe many of you folks have an interest in bicycling as riders, are advocates for safer urban cycling infrastructure, for bike security and theft prevention, for active transportation to address climate change, and for social justice considerations. Simply by joining the KCC you provide political capital for advocacy efforts.  

The Kamloops Cycling Coalition strives to work alongside local government, community organizations, agencies and residents to influence positive changes that make active transportation more safe, affordable, and equitable in order for us to meet our community’s climate, health and economic goals. 

For those with a bit of time, energy, and passion, you can help us set the foundation of the KCC by contributing to the drafting of our vision and mission statements or by helping to publicly launch the group by helping to plan an event for the Spring of 2022.

If you are willing to support the KCC, either passively or actively, please complete this form:

Kamloops Cycling Coalition Member Application

or email Cheryl Fraser with your name and contact information so we can include you in upcoming correspondence.  There is no cost to support the Kamloops Cycling Coalition.

Please share this information with people you know who may be interested in getting involved.

You can follow KCC on Facebook or Instagram “Kamloops Cycling Coalition”.

One thought on “Kamloops Cycling Coalition needs your support!

  1. I’m really excited to hear this! I live in Barnhartvale and bike into and around town a lot. The city is one of the worst I’ve seen as far as being bike friendly. This would be a great addition to Kamloops.

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