Woman in dress riding a bicyle with a front basket.

How to feel like a kid again

Ever watch a child playing and spontaneously recall that sense of joy of life?  There are so many universal qualities of childhood that demonstrate the natural wonderment of the world and an unbridled zest for living, and as adults we witness that when we have the opportunity to watch kids play.  However, the activity that best delivers that feeling of exuberance is riding my bike on a sunny day.

Hopping on my bike and pedalling around the neighbourhood, park or trail can instantly transport me back to my childhood and that feeling of pure happiness that puts a big crazy smile on my face.  

The thing that is marvelous about riding a bike is…well wait, there are many things…the breeze on my face, the rhythm of the pedalling, the just right speed for taking in the sights and inhaling the smells all around me, the opportunity to travel routes not possible by car, the sense of solitude, the knowledge that my activity is good for my health and beneficial to the environment, but mainly it’s just FUN.

So if you’ve ever had a snippet of feeling like a kid again and you want to manufacture more of that, grab your bike and pedal off on a trip back to childhood.  You won’t regret it.

Deb Alore, Bicycling Enthusiast and Activist

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