Mysteries of the brain

One of our biggest challenges as Transition Networkers and people who care about the health of our planet has always been how best we should try to get more people to care as much as we do.  Over time, you may have noticed different memes, videos, or causes sweeping through your social media networks, and you may have wondered what made THAT one go viral and not some other?  If those thoughts are at all familiar, we have just the podcast for you!

Hidden Brain is a weekly podcast about how our brains work in ways that are often not obvious to us, accessibly explaining our current understandings of how our neurology determines the ways we perceive and react to every aspect of our increasingly complex world.  The stories it tells are always informative, humane, and often surprisingly uplifting.  The episode from March 4, “The Snowball Effect”, explores the science of virality.  To quote from the synopsis, “Why do some companies become household names, while others flame out? How do certain memes go viral? And why do some social movements take off and spread, while others fizzle?”

Why not give it a listen to find out, and then come to our virtual Green Drinks event this Wednesday to chat about it!

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