The single most important thing you can do about climate change

“We don’t have to be a liberal tree-hugger to care about a changing climate. All we have to be is a human living on this planet. Because no matter where we live, climate change is already affecting us today”, says Katherine Hayhoe, climate communicator extraordinaire.

Recognizing that fact is part of the secret to engaging others and motivating them for the long-term change we need to fix this thing. It starts with talking about it. Learn how to talk about climate change effectively by listening to this popular TED talk or reading about it here. (Special shout out to Rotary clubs around the world!)

One thought on “The single most important thing you can do about climate change

  1. things have progressed way past stopping climate change, the world has reached a tipping point. The only thing we can do is mitigate the problem, but if the biggest offenders are not going to do their part there is very little chance for future generations. The government being subjugated by oil coal gas and industrial corporations is NOT a democracy. Traitor Trudeau has proven who he is, his fruit that he produces is literally poison for future generations. This 50-billion dollar pipeline set to triple oil production is a slap in the face, the three new gas pipelines about to start pumping billions of liters of gas is a kick in the croch. trains roll by Kamloops every day filled with coal, no signs of slowing down mining, it all adds up to Hell on Earth. I look at little kids and it breaks my heart bc I know they don’t have a fighting chance at a normal life.

    The Ocean is near dead, even the whales are starting to fight back, the ice packs in green land have shrunk to half of what they were 100 years ago, the Antarctic Ice fiels that are millions of years old are breaking of in chunks the size of Texas every year.

    Every so called “expert” talks about CO2, and now in last few years the top of the talk is cow farts destroying the world, not the trillions of tons of methane from oil fields off gassing, not the trillions of tons of “natural” gas fracked shipped and burnt every year, no the governments have set their sights on cow farts.

    what really bothers me is that not one of these so called “experts” has once mentioned or did any testing on PH levels, and how they’ve affected the vegetation around the world, none of them talk about the fried ozone that allows super infrared uv and radiation to burn through, affecting the plants. meanwhile, the forests and grasslands are turning from dark lush “forest” green to lime puke green before everyone’s eyes, signaling the death of all vegetation, slowly suffocating every plant. not one “expert” links these problems to how every herbivore will be affected by the poor quality of vegetation they are forced to eat and how it will soon affect them.

    Thge signs are everywhere but nothing changes, in fact governments are speeding up the destruction, and now the war in Ukraine is eating up millions of liters of fossil fuels everyday, also speeding up the destruction. I often wonder what the world would have been like if governments followed Jesus’ teachins of “Love thy enemy” “love thy neighbor as thy self”. But as a man of faith, I’ve come to realize the hard fact that this is not God’s domain here on earth, this is the Devil’s, and the Devil is truly in the details, in the governments.

    I shed a tear every day as stare into my Grandfather’s m shrine in our home, I wonder how he and all the other poor souls who went to war to extinguish evil, left their families to go murder and destroy strangers who if he’d met in a pub, they’d have been good friends, he did these insane acts in hopes of ending all war.

    This year is the tipping point of no return as we are witnessing record numbers and sizes of forest fires, at the same time floods and then droughts, and heat waves around the world.

    most of us don’t have a clue of what it all means, but unfortunately, I do, my experiences and research and a keen eye for detail are both a blessing and a curse, for I know there are millions of innocent people AND animals that are about to die in the next few years.

    Friends, there is very little hope, but there is some hope.

    We need to be bold, and even as Jesus’ reacted as he Kicked the money changers out of the temples, we need to act in kind, and kick the capitalists out of society, the corporations, and the money lobbyist out of government/temple, for it is NOT democracy when there is unlimited lobbying when there is no accountable government.

    let us Ralley, let us rise up BEFORE everything is ashes.

    God help us all.

    PeaceLoveHonour, Sovereign Brian-Arthur of the Alexander Family.

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