Cycle the City Project 2021 – March 6

An endeavour to gain first hand experience of all existing and proposed bicycle routes as identified in the Kamloops Transportation Master Plan for use in cycling infrastructure advocacy and to publicly promote cycling.

March 6 – Brock to Aberdeen

Today’s 33 km route was an epic with 560 m gain so required my 16 speed Kona.

This route took us from river level in Brock to the top of Aberdeen Drive (at Crosshill Dr) via existing and proposed Multi-Use Pathways, Bicycle Lanes, and Shared Lanes.

This was a fairly strenuous cycle probably best suited for someone of medium to advanced fitness. Not a season opener and expect saddle sores! ?. But I don’t want to discourage anyone from the challenge – I am a 57 year old bird and I did it.

The climbs may seem daunting but they aren’t too bad broken down by section:

  • Xget’tem Trail took about 25min.
  • Summit Dr 35 min (Notre Dame to Princeton-Kamloops Hwy).
  • P-K Hwy to Aberdeen & Crosshill Dr 35 – 40 min

An electric bike would likely make a big difference tackling the long hills and I’m hoping to recruit a friend with an ebike to join me on the next upper level route to compare experiences (and maybe let me test drive the power ??).

This ride did have a few mildly stressful sections such as Summit Dr, the Princeton-Kamloops Hwy, and Pacific Dr. The proximity to motorists on these busy roads is not ideal (especially on the corners) but for me it was the gravel covering the bike lanes that had me ultra focused.

This of course will soon improve with street sweeping. Nevertheless, high viz bike lanes (green paint) would be on my short term wish list as would cycle friendly signal changes at the busy intersections.

Separated bike lanes are what all cyclists would prefer, though I understand they are not always possible .

This expedition took 3 hrs and 35 min with a few short stops. I think I will sleep well tonight.

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