Cycle the City Project 2021 – March 5

An endeavour to gain first hand experience of all existing and proposed bicycle routes as identified in the Kamloops Transportation Master Plan for use in cycling infrastructure advocacy and to publicly promote cycling.

March 5 – Circumnavigate North Shore

Today’s 19 km route was an easy one so I busted out my 3 speed Brody Gamma with the comfy bum seat.

No elevation gain as we circumnavigated the North Shore on existing Multi-Use Pathways, and Bicycle Lanes, as well as proposed Shared Routes and Bicycle Lanes.

This is pleasant city riding reasonably suited for a casual rip with novice cyclists or children. I think there is good potential to develop this into a “tour” route with the addition of some points of interest along Ord Rd – something that visitors to Kamloops or families could easily enjoy.

The sections from Happyvale to Henry Grube and up Schubert to Westmount are quite nicely dialed in. High viz bike crossings (green lane and cycle friendly signal change buttons) at Westsyde Rd and Batchelor Hills Dr would be a confidence builder for new riders.

Ord Road has a hard packed dirt shoulder which is fine if you have a bike with skookum tires, but a bike lane would be really groovy. It would be fun if such a lane could wind away from the road where space allows especially if little stopping points could be incorporated to enjoy a snack, fill a water bottle, or learn a bit about the history of the area.

Tranquille road will be much more enjoyable when the Multi-Use Pathway is complete.

On the whole, a decent city recreational pedal with plenty of potential for engaging active tourists such as those visiting for tournaments. The expedition took 1.5 hrs with a couple of short stops.

One thought on “Cycle the City Project 2021 – March 5

  1. Great stuff Deb. Almost inspires me to see if my body can still ride…! I look forward to your high altitude rides.
    Trevor Owen

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