Cycle the City Project 2021 – March 4

An endeavour to gain first hand experience of all existing and proposed bicycle routes as identified in the Kamloops Transportation Master Plan for use in cycling infrastructure advocacy and to publicly promote cycling.

March 4 – Brock to Juniper West

Today’s 31 km Route took us to the far end of Juniper West and back home.

The entire route was on established Multi-use Pathways and Bicycle Lanes (with the exception of the short piece along Happyvale Ave which is a proposed Shared Route).

This is great Kamloops riding. There is one short dodgy piece (a few hundred metres) on Valleyview Dr between McCracken Pub and Ralph Bell school that you just have to giv’er balls to get through without being hit from behind.

The section through Riverside and Pioneer Park is mildly frustrating due to the hoards of dog walkers, but it is way better than sharing a route with hoards of motorists.

One of the best stretches is the Highland Hill which is separated from vehicular traffic by a concrete barrier. The grade is quite good. It took only 25 min to ride from Valleyview Dr to the Juniper Market.

Of course an ebike would probably cut that time in half. The whole excursion took 2.5 hours.

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