Cycle the City Project 2021 – March 3

An endeavour to gain first hand experience of all existing and proposed bicycle routes as identified in the Kamloops Transportation Master Plan for use in cycling infrastructure advocacy and to publicly promote cycling.

March 3 – Brock to Lower Sahali

Today’s 19 km route took me from Brock through the West End via Nicola Wagon Road, Lower Sahali via McGill, trails in Sahali Terrace Nature Park intersecting Xget’tem Multi-Use Path, and City Centre back to Brock via Riverside Park.

This route involved some existing and proposed Multi-Use Pathways, Shared Routes, and Bicycle Lanes.

The section from McGill & Bestwick to Xget’tem is currently off road and not really suitable for road bikes or novice riders, but according to the City’s Transportation Master Plan it will become a Multi-Use Pathway.

I did not feel unsafe, but this route will benefit cyclists with some improvements. I didn’t time myself but it took approx 1.5 hours. An ebike would make this significantly easier and faster.

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