Supporting each other during the pandemic

As this Coronavirus pandemic drags on, it is common to be experiencing a variety of feelings, from loneliness to fear to pandemic fatigue. We may be feeling isolated or have a deep sense of loss or grief due to what has been taken away from us. It is all a bit jarring and surreal. How can we help ourselves and others come through this distressing time with resilience? Read more…

Supporting each other to make it through to the other side of the pandemic isn’t easy, but it is essential. Coping strategies range from the physical to the existential, but it pays to remember that physical, mental and spiritual health are deeply connected. Isolation and loneliness can lead to poor mental and physical health. Lack of meaningful activity can result in a sense of purposelessness. What to do?

Following are some suggestions and links to further information that you may find helpful. Know that others are experiencing similar feelings and reactions.

  • Use whatever means you can to stay in touch. Phone calls, online get-togethers, even good old-fashioned letter writing. While not the same as in person contact, it is definitely better than not making the connections.
  • Stay active physically, especially outdoors.
  • Structure your day. Have a plan for at least a few activities each day that will give you a sense of accomplishment and ‘normalcy’ and help you to avoid ruminating.
  • Make sure your day includes something that you find meaningful.
  • Add a creative activity to each day, even if it is as simple as repotting a plant. Creativity takes you to a different zone.
  • Embrace this time: use it to do self care and take comfort measures.
  • Use the time to explore what gives you hope, what it is you love, what you are grateful for. At the same time, honour your pain for the world. Connect with someone else you can share these thoughts and feelings with.
  • Use the time for reflection and assessment and then to plan how you will achieve any goals you set for yourself. In our busy society, time for these sorts of activities is a gift.
  • Permaculture for life design uses the familiar permaculture principle of ‘observe, observe, observe’. Discover new ways of seeing based on the interconnectedness of life.
  • Above all, practise compassion for yourself and others. These are stressful times with unpredictable outcomes.

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