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The City is moving forward with a continuous north-south bicycle route from Aberdeen to Batchelor Heights. Join an info session this Monday, January 25 (see below).

This project actually features a separated, fully protected two-way bike lane designed to AAA (all ages and abilities) standards on part of the route: the first of its kind in Kamloops! Woohoo! Don’t wait to tell the City how much you love this concept — the deadline is coming up fast! Staff will be requesting Council’s authorization on January 26 to apply for a recently announced grant program that would allow these projects to be completed this year and expedite construction of future phases.

The Summit-Downtown Active Transportation Connection completes the links on either end of the Xget’tem’ Trail to create a continuous route from the top of Summit Drive to the Lansdowne Transit Exchange. This project includes two components. The Summit Multi-Use Path is a 3 m-wide, separated pathway with lighting upgrades and traffic signal installation that will connect the south end (top) of the Xget’tem’ Trail at Notre Dame Drive to the Summit Drive bike lane at Whiteshield Crescent South. The north end of the Xget’tem’ Trail will be connected to the Lansdowne Transit Exchange via Kamloops’ first two-way protected bike lane along 6th Avenue. 

The protected 6th Avenue Bike Lane is a substantial upgrade to a proposed painted bike lane on 5th Avenue, which was identified in the Transportation Master Plan as a priority, and includes several improvements between Columbia Street and Lansdowne Street. The safe, separated section will run from Columbia Street to Lansdowne Street, allowing cyclists to travel in both directions and improving connectivity — a perennial sore spot for Kamloops cyclists.

Zoom Meeting Information on Monday, January 25 at 4 pm:

Meeting ID: 927 7757 3670 Passcode: 321712

Learn more about this project or provide online feedback at:

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