Tell Council you want a strong Climate Plan!

As the new year dawns, so does our hope that we’ll soon be able to see each other in person again. The light is coming!

For now, though, we’ll continue to do our work virtually. There is work to be done, and we need your help!

Transition Kamloops has been working since the summer with the Community Alliance for a Resilient Kamloops. This group has followed the development of the City’s Community Climate Action Plan (CCAP) and provided input to the drafts. Recently, we met with Councillors to show our support and gauge their responses. Getting this plan approved is the next big step, but a few Councillors have expressed concerns that residents might not be ready for strong climate action.

For this reason, our Alliance is starting a campaign for citizens to send letters of support to Council. Please share this initiative with your friends and within your organization. The more people who send encouragement to Council, the more likely that they will approve the plan, so we can begin taking real climate action, in 2021.

The draft plan is expected to go to Council in April, and then will hopefully be approved in June.

Below are some points you may want to include in your letter. Personalized letters are much more compelling than a template, so please do make the letter your own. Handwritten letters are wonderful, and email is also great. Addresses to send the letters are also given below.

Thanks for contacting City Council to show your support for the Community Climate Action Plan!

PS: Have you seen our video about CCAP? Explains everything in less than 2 mins!  

Some letter-writing tips (totally optional!):

Let Council know why this is important to you. For example:
– I am concerned about the health of the planet that my children (or grandchildren) will inherit.
– I am concerned about the increased risk for natural disasters such as wildfires, flooding, landslides, as well as loss of biodiversity and food security.
– I want to live in a vibrant, walkable, healthy city that will sustain a diversity of engaged residents. 
– I want Kamloops residents to be well positioned to compete in the new green economy so that innovative companies and people will choose Kamloops for investment and to call home.
– I want Kamloops to be well prepared to take advantage of the financial assistance for climate action initiatives anticipated to come from provincial and federal governments. 

Tell them you support CCAP.  List at least one thing you like about the plan, for example:
– I look forward to living in a Ten-Minute City where I am much less dependent on motorized transportation and can access services via bicycle, mobility scooter, or on foot.
– I want to support local business and build a healthy community culture that takes care of all members of society.
– I look forward to having access to alternative transportation choices such as enhanced public transit, car share programs, EVs and EBs so I can spend less money getting places and more money doing things.
– I want to have access to zero-carbon, energy efficient housing that is creatively designed and located within easy access of goods, services, and communal green spaces.
– I want to actively participate in a zero-waste circular economy, so I can know I am becoming part of the solution and not part of the problem. 
– I’d like for Kamloops to become a Green Technology Hub – a place where the most innovative solution-focused minds can develop renewable energy systems and storage. This is a natural direction for our progressive and sustainability oriented University.
– I support the City’s efforts to “be the change they want to see in the world” by striving toward zero-carbon civic operations.
– I want my community to help nature help us by growing urban forests to help cool our city and by investing in green infrastructure that will provide us increased resilience to adverse weather events and natural disasters.

Be positive! Thank the Mayor and Councillors for being willing to lead on climate action and sustainability.

Email addresses:
Mayor Ken Christian
Councillor Arjun Singh
Councillor Kathy Sinclair
Councillor Sadie Hunter
Councillor Bill Sarai
Councillor Mike O’Reilly
Councillor Dale Bass
Councillor Denis Walsh
Councillor Dieter Dudy    

Postal address:
Mayor and Council, 7 Victoria Street West, Kamloops BC  V2C 1A2

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