Give your input on EVs and e-bikes!

The City of Kamloops wants to hear from you as it develops an Electric Vehicle and Electric Bike Strategy. The strategy will serve as a roadmap to transitioning to electric-powered transportation.

The online survey is only open until Feb 28. There is also an opportunity to provide in-person feedback at the Open House Feb 26.

The Province of BC has committed to making electric cars more affordable, investing in charging stations, shifting to renewable transportation fuels, and achieving 100% zero-emission new vehicle sales by 2040. The City’s plan is in support of that effort.

2 thoughts on “Give your input on EVs and e-bikes!

  1. is there any downside to requiring ( or encouraging ) gas stations to also provide high voltage recharging stations. This way we we all know where to refuel up Jim Gordon

  2. PetroCanada is apparently installing chargers at all their stations — some are already in place, including Kamloops.

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