Artisan Farm Village (Kamloops)

It is exciting to see the Artisan Farm Village taking shape in Kamloops. The group has a vision of designing, building and living in an inspiring, sustainable, farm village that nurtures creative, social, physical, intellectual & spiritual potential, in harmony with the earth and all its inhabitants


The group values are centred on the three ethics of permaculture, community, well being, sustainability, self-sufficiency, and collaborative communication and decision making.

3 Ethics of Permaculture

Earth Care – planting, building & day-to-day living using environmentally responsible & sustainable methods

People Care – healthy, grounded, enriching atmosphere, clean food, water and air, eco-economic opportunity, valuing each other’s skills & abilities, social connections, celebration

Fair Share – using only what we need and putting surplus back into the community and future generations



Warm, inclusive, multi-generational, like-valued community

  • Hard work • friendship • kindness • willing participation • community spirit • play

Community inspired arts & cultural, social & sport events

Balancing community and privacy

Having an eye for the good of the group over personal wants

Celebrating all ages & all gifts


Well Being

Whole person health – developing our full potential

Relaxed, fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle: lower initial cost & overhead so more freedom

to be with family, friends, follow passion, purpose & meaningful enriching experiences)

Respecting, deep listening, sanctuary, self care & self responsibility



People, relationships and the earth over materialistic accumulation

Beauty, function and innovative aesthetic in human and earth-friendly design

Aesthetically pleasing, affordable net-zero homes (tiny, small, regular & co-housing)


Self Sufficiency

Being self-sufficient in water, majority of food needs, energy and waste management

Ability to grow your own food & have local food security

Green space & food forest out your front door

Ability to make a living on the land & with eco-friendly business

(artisan & value added, trades, farming, online, wellness, spa, therapies, retreats)

Re-skilling by learning the old pragmatic crafts and skills

Village-supporting, specialty crafted, local goods & services economy


Collaborative Communication & Decision Making

Respectful, compassionate, relationship enhancing communication

Learning, sharing, enthusiasm, follow-through, out-of-the-box thinking & problem-solving

Collaborative, inclusive & efficient decision-making process


Contact ~ 250-879-0102

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