Do you want to be a food price checker?

Kamloops Food Policy Council Members:

We are seeking a volunteer(s) to help with food costing at 4 grocery stores in Kamloops as part of a provincial food security initiative.  The Cost of Eating is an advocacy tool that measures how much it costs to eat a healthy diet in different regions across BC, monitoring the cost of 67 food items.

This volunteer opportunity involves going into selected grocery stores in communities across BC and recording prices of specific food items.

  • Volunteers will need to view a recorded training webinar (1 hour) on how to collect the data. The pricing of the foods needs to be done between May 25th and June 5th.  Food costing at each store takes approximately 1.5-2.0 hours.
  • Good skills to have: attention to detail, accuracy when collecting data, and having an interest in food. I’ve done the costing in the past, and it’s actually quite interesting as one moves through the store, gathering the prices.

Please click on link for more information.  Volunteering Opportunity- Food costing

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