Hosting a Films For Change Event

Does your community group promote social, cultural or environmental sustainability?  Are you looking for a way to engage with an audience on a topic or issue that leads towards a healthier and more resilient community?

Sponsored by Thompson Rivers University Sustainability Office, Films For Change is a monthly film series hosted by local community groups to raise awareness and engage with the community on sustainability-related topics and issues .

Basics about the series:

  • Dates: Takes place on the last Wednesday of the month, but NOT in June, July, August or December
  • Times: Doors open at 6:30 pm, shows start at 7 pm
  • Location: TRU Alumni Clocktower Theatre, capacity of 212 seats
  • Discussion: Films must be followed by a facilitated discussion, preferably with at least one topic expert

Here is how it works.

  1. Host group picks a film in accordance with the following:
    • Film must be evidence-based;
    • Should provide an overall positive message leaving the audience with a sense of hope and inspiration;
    • Short films are allowed, groups can show a series of shorts (i.e.: YouTube, TED Talks) but must be at least one hour including discussion;
    • Maximum duration is 2.5 hours.
  2. Host group sends their film request to the coordinator.
    • The films are vetted by a committee
    • Coordinator will notify host group once their film has been vetted.
  3. If the film is approved, host group must:
    • Secure a license for the film;
    • Prepare a poster and media release (see example media release and poster);
    • Send promotional materials to the coordinator at least six weeks in advance;
    • Promote the event;
    • Organize a discussion following the film.  Discussions should include topic experts;
    • Tidy up after the film.
  4. Host group may:
    • Request donations at the door;
    • Arrange a concession or other fundraising activity (i.e.: silent auction);
    • Request to borrow TRU’s popcorn cart.  The cart must be cleaned after use (1/4 cup oil: 1 cup popcorn)
    • Encourage patrons to bring their own reusable water bottle. No drinks other than water are allowed in the theatre.

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