Test your climate IQ, win a cookie!

Kamloops 350 has come up with a unique way to start a conversation on climate change, and the public is invited to try it out tomorrow at Clean Air Day, downtown Kamloops from 9 am to 3 pm. Bonus: there will be free cookies!
What can you do to reduce your home heating costs? Which is the more potent greenhouse gas: carbon dioxide or methane? Why is ocean acidification a problem?
These are important questions for all of us as climate change marches on, but the subject is often a difficult one to talk about with ordinary folks. In order to increase the appeal of the topic, Kamloops 350 has created a trivia game, complete with a loud and eye-catching spinning wheel full of questions. As an additional way to “sweeten the pot”, anyone who participates in the game will be rewarded with a baked treat.
“We were looking for a way to build awareness and engage people in a fun way at the same time,” says Gisela Ruckert, chair of Kamloops 350. “Everyone likes game shows, and who wouldn’t like to get a free cookie?”
To get a dose of yumminess and improve your climate IQ at the same time, check out the Kamloops 350 booth at Clean Air Day, across from the Farmer’s Market tomorrow (Wednesday, June 4th). We’ll be there from 9 am to 3 pm. Cookies are limited: first come, served!

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