How about a regional currency?

A group is forming to explore the implementation of  a regional currency.

We’d be in good company – many cities around the world use this concept to support local businesses and keep more dollars in the local economy.  And yes, it’s perfectly legal!  We’re not breaking any laws by issuing an alternative currency and you aren’t breaking any laws by owning or using them.  Legally, Kamloops Dollars are gift certificates. When you buy a Kamloops bill you’re buying a gift certificate from the Kamloops Regional Currency Society (KRC$), which will be accepted by many local merchants for their goods and services at par with the Canadian dollar.   What’s not to like?
Kamloops  Dollars reflect our pride and love of this  community. Using and spending Kamloops  Dollars demonstrates your support for our local economy, local history and local artists.

Join the organizers for our next meeting – Friday Feb 28, 2014 at 8 am.  We will by Skyping with Salt Spring Dollar President  Michael Contardi.  Bring your questions and your suggestions to the Smorgasbord Deli (225-7 th Ave) in beautiful downtown Kamloops, BC.

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