Kamloops Car Share Interest Survey

We are a group of local volunteers who have formed a group determined to gauge the interest of Kamloopsians in a vehicle-sharing program.

Vehicle-sharing is a great option for people who use alternate modes of transportation and want access to a vehicle occasionally and to those who own a vehicle and want access to a second vehicle some of the time. It’s not just for big cities; there are already successful vehicle-share programs in Nelson and Kelowna.

Our group would like to know the level of interest, the possible volume of usage, the price people are comfortable with and demographics of people who would consider sharing group-owned vehicles.

These vehicles would be owned, insured, maintained, serviced and scheduled to driver-members by the group managing the program. Members would be able to book a car and use a simple key-fob to access that vehicle during the time of their booking.

At the present time we are seeking to incorporate as a non-profit co-op. The results of the survey will be fed into our business plan, so that the program works for the maximum number of people in the city.

We are asking people to complete the survey at www.kamloopscarshare.ca by Feb. 24, when results will be collated. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to do so, even if this is an idea they have never considered. Our group wants to hear a full range of opinions.

Car sharing programs, both commercial and volunteer, are springing up all over North America, people are looking for this as an alternative to vehicle ownership. We believe Kamloops is ready for this. The question we are asking is, ‘Do you?’

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