Bearing witness to the oil sands

Calling all interested paddlers:

A canoe trip on the Athabasca River from Ft McMurray (at the confluence of the Clearwater and Athabaska Rivers) to Ft Chipewyan (on Lake Athabaska)

August 5 –16, 2014


To bear witness to the impact on people, democracy, wildlife, water, land and air of the Oil Sands Development in northern Alberta by traveling through the area by canoe, experiencing what is taking place and  interviewing local residents.

To bring more awareness to the Albertan and Canadian populations of what is happening through a variety of media:  radio, film, photography, writing and public presentations. This will be the second year that the organizer, Eli Pivnick, PhD, former research entomologist, wilderness guide, and high school teacher currently living in Kamloops, BC, will be leading this trip. In 2013, there were 10 participants (artists, students, teachers, a scientist, activists, and a musician)  from all over Canada and the US including 4 Aboriginal and 3 Jewish paddlers; and a dog.


Where: Edmonton to Ft McMurray by car; Ft McMurray to Ft Chipewyan by canoe; Ft Chipewyan to Ft McMurray by barge; Ft McMurray to Edmonton by car.

Requirements: Be in good physical shape, and curious and open-minded about the Tar Sands (I mean Oil Sands) development.

Cost: No fee for coming on the trip. Your expenses will vary but a rough estimate for food, car travel, canoe rental (if necessary), and barge trip is approximately $500 per person.

For more info:  Contact Eli at



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