Free Range Laundry Flies Again!

What is the least expensive way to start using renewable energy to reduce your electricity bill? If you’re thinking of solar panels or a wind turbine, you may be over thinking it. In fact, the cheapest and easiest way to take advantage of completely renewable and clean solar power is to install a clothesline, especially in our sunny city! And a local group is keen to help Kamloopsians get started.

The Kamloops Chapter of the BC Sustainable Energy Association is excited that The Solar Laundry Project has gotten off to another great start. After last year’s successful debut with the event tagline ‘Put a little sunshine in your shorts’, organizers this year have kept with the humorous slant but drawn on our region’s ranching roots and tagged this year’s version ‘Free Range Laundry’. With increased sponsorship, the number of clotheslines to be given away has increased from 80 to 110. Now that’s a lot of free range laundry!

Online draws have started and will run weekly until the end of June. Winners can install their energy-saving prizes as soon as they pick them up from retail sponsor RONA Home Centre.

Project organizers will meet with City Council next week to proclaim Kamloops’ participation in International Clothesline Week, June 1st to 7th. “We’re really pleased that the City has joined us as a sponsor this year, since one of our big learnings from 2012 was that many residents mistakenly believe our City has a bylaw against clotheslines,” says Gisela Ruckert, vice-chair of the Kamloops Chapter.

As part of their presentation to Council, organizers will show one of the winning entries from a recent clothesline video contest. Igor Kostin, Bronwen, Ethan and Aidan Evans, and Bobbi Weir were rewarded for their productions with a combined total of $600 in prize money. Links to their videos can be found at

To enter the draw visit Since winners can choose between an outdoor umbrella-style clothesline or an indoor/outdoor 5-string retractable model, it’s not necessary to have a yard to participate. Enter once and your name will stay in for all the draws.

Clotheslines are an easy way to save energy, as BC Hydro (also a major sponsor) is keen to point out. For more ways to reduce your electricity bill, check out

The BC Sustainable Energy Association is a non-profit organization that works with British Columbians to build a clean, renewable energy future. To learn more about it, please visit

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