First clothesline winners announced in Solar Laundry Project

The Solar Laundry project has gotten off to a very successful launch.  After the City proclaimed June 2nd to 9th as International Clothesline Week, BCSEA volunteers were at the Interior Wellness Festival for 3 days, and then attended the City’s Clean Air Day as well.

We’ve spoken to hundreds of Kamloopsians about this amazing new technology that allows households to dry clothing using 100% clean, renewable energy – no fossil fuels at all!   No monthly bills, no service charges – just that great “fresh breeze” scent we all love – without chemical additives!

You may have guessed that this amazing new technological breakthrough is really not that revolutionary at all – in fact, you probably grew up with it.  In this case, what’s old is new again – the clothesline is back in!

The entries to our clothesline giveaway contest are pouring in.  And the draws have begun!  Drum roll, please…..

The winners of the first 15 clotheslines are: Krystal Williams, Brenda Christianson, Jennifer Howatt, Jody Rushka, Linda Kehoe, Evelyn Koedooder-Brouwer, Vey Chursky, Bill Hunter, Loreen Martin, Shawna Castle, Kimberley LeBlanc, Rendy Olthuis, Shelley Broadway, John McQueen, and Cheryl Doll! Congrats to all — enjoy your new clotheslines!

If you haven’t entered the draw yet, here’s the link:  .  We’ll be giving away 12 more clotheslines each week until July 14th.  Your name stays in until you win – one entry per household please.

Did you know that you’ll save about $50 year on your energy bills by using a clothesline only half the time?  That ought to put a little sunshine in your shorts!  Check out  for more ways to save energy.

The BC Sustainable Energy Association is a non-profit organization that works with British Columbians to build a clean, renewable energy future.  To learn more about it, please visit   The Kamloops Chapter would like to acknowledge the generous support of BC Hydro Power Smart and Kamloops Home Hardware Building Centre for this project.

2 thoughts on “First clothesline winners announced in Solar Laundry Project

  1. I have a very old clothesline which is past its prime. I need a new one-badly! When I first put it up, I was informed by neighbours that it was ‘illegal’ in our neighbourhood? Also asked why I would hang clothes outside when we had an abundant source of electricity.Trying to explain ‘environment’ then-as now-a hard sell! Besides, my clothes always smelled great-not perfumed:-) So… I hope I am a lucky winner.

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