Kamloops 350 at May 5th Peace Walk

. You're invited to march behind our banner!

May 5th is the next “Global Day of Action” for the global 350.org movement.  Connect the Dots is  a wake-up call, an invitation to connect the dots between climate change and extreme weather. Consequences of climate change are already being felt all over the planet, yet many people write them off as anomalies, and don’t make the connections between increasing tornadoes, drought, floods etc. and climate change.  We will educate, protest, create, document, and volunteer along with thousands of people around the world.

On May 5th, we’ll be setting up a booth at the Farmer’s Market to talk about climate change, local effects and what we can do here to help.  Afterwards, we’re marching in the Walk for Peace, the Environment & Social Justice, which happens to be scheduled for that day as well.  Anyone wanting to show their support for action on climate change is encouraged to march behind the 350 banner.

Let’s help folks “connect the dots” by highlighting the connection between climate change and extreme weather events that are already occurring, like floods, droughts, epidemics of pine beetles, etc. Meet us at the Farmer’s Market for a chat at the Kamloops 350 booth, and show your concern by joining the Walk for Peace, Social Justice & the Environment. Walk starts at 12:30 pm.

Please forward to anyone who might be interested, and sign up for the May 5th event on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/216197228481665

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