If the mine must go through, Abacus/KGHM should fund a greenway as a compromise

In my recent graduating essay on greenways for the Natural Resource Science program at Thompson Rivers University, I soon realized how the Ajax Mine proposal poses a significant threat to the already limited grasslands in BC. However, the proposal also brought about several intriguing considerations.

Firstly, if the mine doesn’t go through, perhaps Aberdeen would have continued up the hill in continued random urban sprawl? Secondly, funding is often a limiting factor in conservation endeavours. Thirdly, a greenway could provide an ‘eco-buffer’ so to speak between Aberdeen and Ajax, while concurrently¬† ensuring connectivity between Peterson Creek and Kenna Cartwright Parks.

These represent just a few of my ideas that are directly relevant to the recent Ajax proposal here in Kamloops. To add to the collection of information being compiled and considered, I have posted a link to my graduating essay below in hopes of preserving some of BC’s valuable grasslands for the long-term.¬† Note: the Ajax applicable information is near the end of my paper in the research section (starting on page 15).

Here is the link to see my essay: Lee Williams edited grad essay .

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