Public comment period for proposed Ajax mine extended


The following information comes from the BC Environmental Assessment Office:

The Public Comment Period for Draft Application Information Requirements document for the proposed Ajax Mine Project will be extended from 60 days to 75 days, resulting in the closing date for public comments being moved from March 12, 2012 to March 27, 2012. The Environmental Assessment Office has received numerous comments over the public comment period, and there continues to be a consistent flow of comments. The Public Consultation Policy Regulation under the Environmental Assessment Act outlines that public consultation periods be between 30 and 75 days. We are extending the period to the maximum amount in the Regulation to help ensure the public has maximum ability to provide input. The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is not extending their consultation period, but advises that our extension will not impact the coordinated Environmental Assessment process.

Scott Bailey
Project Assessment Manager
BC Environmental Assessment Office

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One thought on “Public comment period for proposed Ajax mine extended

  1. Dear Mr Bailey,

    i lived in dufferin kamloops for 10 years i have seen canadian environment change since i lived there, i look at alberta and how they overcome the environment and as far as i am concerned you do very little to stop any project.

    this company is a polish company with expected projects of 9 billion and none of it will say in canada.

    if you look at the forest around the area from the beetle kill to the homes in dufferin and pine ridge they should never have been built in the first place.

    you never stopped the development there and the bears deer birds landscape have all been destroyed.

    if you say you are they to protect the environment then do it already.

    i really like kamloops and the area around it not the prettiest but not a natural disaster.

    and if this project goes ahead i hope the people will sand up violently against it.

    i am an off road enthusiast i have been up greenstone and sugarloaf and others if you can’t fight it for the people then get someone who can.

    thank you for your time as i feel it will fall on deaf ears

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