Community Advisory Group for the Proposed Ajax Mine Project

I am a part of the Community Advisory Group for the proposed Ajax Mine Project – I act as an alternate to the representative for the Kamloops Astronomical Society. I thought it would be useful for readers of TEN to learn what this group does and who are members of the group.

The Community Advisory Group (CAG) has been created for the following purposes:

  • To provide a forum for meaningful dialogue and input into the environmental assessment of the proposed Ajax Mine project;
  • To obtain and provide rigorous review of information regarding the proposed Ajax Mine Project;
  • To provide input into and promote effective communication and engagement between government and the public regarding the proposed Ajax Mine Project; and,
  • To foster collective learning about environmental assessment and the proposed Project.

The goal of the CAG is to:

  • Ensure the best possible input into the environmental assessment process for the proposed Ajax Mine Project.

The CAG provides a community forum for discussion and input related to the proposed Ajax Mine project. Input will be focused on the following aspects of the environmental assessment: environment, health, social, economic, and heritage.

The CAG does not replace other opportunities for formal public input into the environmental assessment process.

In order to ensure that all members of the CAG have an opportunity to participate, and to encourage breadth of discussion, it is important that the group be manageable in size. Participating organizations or affiliated community groups are outlined below. Those organizations and affiliated community groups who are already participating on the CAG are outlined below; each group has cooperatively identified a representative and an alternate to represent them at CAG meetings.  Interested community groups that are not currently represented on the CAG can self identify to the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) if they wish to request membership and these requests will be brought to the existing CAG members for consideration. EAO reserves the right to add groups it deems necessary for the review.

Advisory Group Members:
The following community-based groups are currently members of the CAG – as noted in the Feb 2 meeting summary:

  • Aberdeen Community Association
  •  Aberdeen Highlands Development Corporation
  • BC Cattlemen’s Association
  •  Ducks Unlimited
  •   Grasslands Conservation Council
  •   Kamloops Area Preservation Association (KAPA)
  •   Kamloops Astronomical Society
  •   Kamloops District Fish & Game Association
  •   Kamloops Fly Fishers’ Association
  •   Kamloops Naturalist Club
  •   Kamloops Stockmen’s Association
  •   Lac Le Jeune Conservation Association
  •   Thompson Watershed Coalition

** there are recent additions to this list, but they haven’t been publicized yet.

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