The Future of Transportation: How Will We Get Around?

A Great Green Transportation Tune-Up Event

When: Wednesday, September 28 at 7:00 pm

  • Where: TRU International Building, room 1015.  Parking is free in the evenings and TRU is easily accessible by transit, bicycle and walking.
  • Free Admission.  Everyone welcome!

How will rising gas prices affect our travel habits?  Will we stay closer to home, or will electric vehicles simply replace our gas-guzzlers?  Can we afford a better transit system?  Should we invest in more bicycle paths?  How will the new transportation realities affect the way we live?

A hundred years ago, the adoption of mass-produced automobiles radically transformed North American society in the span of only ten short years.  Are we about to see an equally dramatic shift?

Join us to hear from two Kamloops experts who ponder these questions every day.

John Kenney

Energy Sustainability Specialist, Urban Systems Ltd.

John came to Kamloops in 2010 after working for the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Environment where he led and supported initiatives such as Alberta’s Climate Change Strategy, water and land use frameworks, and regulatory projects for the oil sands sector.

Now with the Urban Systems’ Kamloops office, John works with local governments, First Nations and provincial agencies to achieve greenhouse gas emissions reductions and more sustainable energy management practices and systems.

John is a member of the BCSEA and serves on the Kamloops Chapter steering committee.

John will discuss the different transportation fuels and their prospects for the future: oil, natural gas, non-gaseous fossil fuels, electricity and biofuels.   In a world where demand for energy is growing all the time, how can these be supplied in an affordable, environmentally sustainable and secure way?  John will go over the pros and cons, opportunities and challenges of the different fuels to suggest how the Kamloops community can thrive despite volatile global energy supplies.

Erin Felker

Transportation Planner for the City of Kamloops

Erin moved to Kamloops in 2007 after 5 years of working for the City of Calgary, Transportation Department where she learned how to plan transit during a period of intense growth.  Being an avid cyclist and transit rider provides the perspective needed to plan the Kamloops transportation network for the future.

Erin will report on transportation efforts right here in Kamloops.  The 25-year Transit Future Plan is currently in development and residents are invited to visit the Transit Future Bus during the last week of September to provide feedback for the plan.  Erin will also update us on progress with the Kamloops Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans.  She will touch on the City’s coming update to the overall Transportation Plan as part of the Official Community Plan process coming up in 2012.  These plans are shaping our transportation network for the future, to make sure we have a variety of ways to get around town.

For further information contact Cheryl Kabloona (Kamloops BCSEA) at 250-372-0277 or cherylkb(at)

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