The Great Green Transportation Tune-Up: Coming this fall!

The Great Green Transportation Tune-Up: Travel $marter, Live Better
Greenhouse gas emissions need to come down around the world. Kamloops 350 believes it’s time to “think globally, act locally.” We are organizing a week of activities with a focus on green transportation that will take place during the last week of September, 2011, with the big finale on October 1st. Our goals for the week are:GGTTU foot

• To raise awareness of alternative transportation in Kamloops
• To reduce transportation based CO2 emissions in Kamloops
• To generate public discussion on sustainable transportation in Kamloops

We’re calling it the Great Green Transportation Tune-Up, and we’re organizing activities designed to increase the efficiency of cars, encourage carpooling, and increase familiarity with transit options, bike routes and other “clean” ways of getting around. We also want to encourage people to dream a bit about what an ideal Kamloops might look like in terms of moving people. The whole concept is built on having a lot of fun, with a little bit of education thrown in.

Events during the week will include a transit system treasure hunt, tire pressure checking mobs, a bike parade, spot prizes for cyclists, rewards for carpoolers, a show of hybrid/electric vehicles and scooters, plus an “Imagination Station” where people can describe their vision of a sustainable Kamloops.

We’re focusing on positive and practical activities that our community can engage in. The City of Kamloops is partnering with us, since we are working towards some of the goals in the Sustainable Kamloops Plan, and School District 73 is also on board. Various other sponsors and partners will play different roles throughout the week.

How can you get involved? Lots of ways!

• Join the organizing committee
• Organize an event of your own featuring a sustainable transportation theme
• Sponsor an event with a financial or in-kind donation
• Help us with advertising
• Provide staffing for events during the week

Have we missed some? Let us know what you’d like to do!

The Great Green Transportation Tune-Up will be a week of fun. Please consider becoming a part of it! Contact Jim Gordon at (250) 578-8287 or Gisela Ruckert at grucker(at) for more information. is the first large-scale grassroots global campaign for action on climate change. Its supporters include leading scientists, the governments of 92 countries, and a huge variety of environmental, health, development and religious NGOs. All agree that the earth’s atmospheric carbon level must swiftly be reduced to 350 ppm.  For more information, visit

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