Earth Hour is coming!

This Saturday, March 26 from 8:30 to 9:30 pm is Earth Hour.

Please turn out your lights to show your support!

What is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is an annual global event hosted by WWF and supported provincially by BC Hydro. The goal of the event is to encourage individuals to turn off unnecessary lights and electronics in an effort to conserve power and in doing so, demonstrate support for the fight against climate change.

This is the fourth year that BC Hydro has supported Earth Hour. Last year, the province’s electricity load dropped by 1.04 per cent during Earth Hour.  “If everyone who participated last year turned off their unnecessary lights and appliances for just one hour every evening, the combined savings would be enough to power close to 2,200 homes for an entire year. That’s a goal worth exceeding,” says Dave Cobb, President of BC Hydro.

Earth Hour began in Sydney, Australia, as a one-city initiative in 2007 and has grown to become a global phenomenon. In 2010, Earth Hour reached more than 1.3 billion people in 128 countries and territories. More than 10 million Canadians participated in more about 300 cities and towns.

(from BC Hydro website)

So remember, turn off your lights at 8:30 on Saturday!


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