Speak up for sustainability at budget meetings!

Let’s make green projects a budget priority for Council!

What is close to your heart in terms of the future development of our city?  Do you want to see more happen with bicycle trails?  Would you like to see an expansion of the public transit system?  How about encouraging the City to green up public buildings by installing solar hot water systems?

What do all of these things have in common? They cost money!  And they won’t happen unless they are budgeted for.

Kamloops City Council will soon be setting its budget for the coming years.  Which projects from the supplementary list will make the cut?  The ones that we lobby the hardest for!  Council needs to know that sustainability is important to residents.  Let’s make our voices heard!

This is a call to action!  Write letters to Council outlining your priorities.  Show up at the various budget and consultation sessions planned for the next several weeks.  These are opportunities to show that we expect City to put resources towards making the vision of the Sustainability Plan a reality in our community.

If you prefer to give input in written form, send it to legislate@kamloops.ca and it will appear on a Council agenda.   If you would like to give feedback in person, here are some details from the City website:

Council will consider the 2011 – 2015 Financial Plan at the following meetings. Interested residents are welcome to attend these meetings.

Jan 18 – 9 am
Council Chambers, City Hall

Jan 25 – 9 am
Council Chambers, City Hall

Feb 1 – 9 am
Council Chambers, City Hall

Public Forum
Feb 8 – 7 pm
Parkside Lounge, Interior Savings Centre, 300 Lorne Street
Doors open at 6:30 pm

Feb 15 – 9 am
Council Chambers, City Hall

Shaw Cable will broadcast the 2011 Budget meetings

Jan 18 airs on Jan 20 @ 11am
Jan 25 airs on Jan 27 @ 11 am
Feb 1 airs on Feb 3 @ 11am
Feb 8 airs on Feb 10 @ 11am
Feb 15 airs on Feb 17 @ 11am

Thanks for taking the time to let our members of Council know that you care about sustainability!

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