Last Earthcare Potluck – for awhile…

Sadly this will be the last Earthcare potluck for awhile, at this time Erin is unable to organize these events.

Gather at any time to honour the greatness in each other and the bounty of our land, there is always a reason to celebrate the abundance of our lives!!! Keep working at the social justice issues every positive action makes a difference no matter how small!!!

“Thank you for all your support and please keep in touch with each other, social connections and organic whole foods from the earth truly are the key to vital and healthy lives.
With love and kindness

May all be fed, May all be loved, May all be healed – J. Robbins

Earthcare Kamloops Vegetarian Potluck / Picnic
Saturday Sept 25, 2010
11:00 am-12:30pm
At Farmers Market, to left of Stuart Wood, on grass under big oak tree?

Please bring:
A Vegetarian or Vegan dish** for about 8 people
Eggs and dairy are ok
Recipe or list of ingredients is mandatory
Your own plate, cutlery, and cup
Your own water and blanket to lay on, lawn chairs? ready for weather?
Your own creative Nametag

**Prizes for Best Dish, Best Dessert**

After dinner: ” Secwepmc Indigenous Food Systems: more than gathering, more than farming” by Neskie Manuel

Earthcare Kamloops is a non-profit group of caring citizens who promote a plant-based diet, and support sustainable, local farming practices. We strive to create a healthier, more connected community by discussing environmental and health issues at our monthly Vegetarian potlucks.

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