Trip of a Lifetime – Live-Learn-Lead

Young Leaders sought for ‘Trip of a Lifetime’ down the Fraser River!


Journey 1,400 km down the Fraser River, one of the most diverse river basins in North America. Travel through ten of BC’s fourteen biogeoclimatic zones; spend evenings camping along the banks of the Fraser River. Breathtaking scenery greets you along the way, from ancient rainforests and grasslands, to sage brush and floodplain.

Passion-Commitment- Change

Through the program you identify issues you are most passionate about, recognize your talents and gain the
skills and confidence to make a difference in your community.

Change Starts Here!

Personal leadership is the first step toward community action. Supported by the RSBC’s network of SLLP alumni and staff, you return home having developed a new relationship with the Fraser, an understanding of river issues and a vision for change.

Apply Today!

Visit our website to register and for complete program details.

Scholarships available.


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