The Proven Power of Coming Together

This is a message that those of us who were part of a Facebook Group called ‘Opposed to Creosote Burning in Kamloops’ received this morning:

March 19, 2010 at 10:36am

Subject: Congratulations Everybody

Whoever said that the people don’t have the power haven’t come to Kamloops, because we proved a lot of people wrong. It is confirmed that the ACC has pulled out of their gasification proposal in Kamloops, thanks to all of you. There are so many people to thank and dedicated citizens behind this that I hope we can get the chance to give them the thanks that they deserve. SaveKamloops website took alot of chances being created and those behind it did vast research. Ruth Madsen is a veteran at standing up for the environment and the health of citizens, so chalk up another victory. Derek Cook and many of the faculty at TRU got us educated at the public forums, and our city councilor Dennis Walsh fought this the whole way. Thanks to our mayor and rest of city council for sticking up for your decision as well, and thanks to our doctor for caring. There has been so many other people doing huge amounts of work that have been unrecognized, so I hope they also get the acknowledgment they deserve.

Well that’s all for now and thanks for being part of this group. Stay involved if you can, cause I’m sure there might be more ordeals down the road that requires us to come together. If the title of this group changes I’ll let you know.


It truly is an amazing thing what people can do when they come together. I for one am proud to live in a community that contains such powerful and brave spirits.

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