Committing to Change

How many of you have dreamed of having a hobby farm? A few acres, a horse, some sheep, some chickens. If you are anything like me and the people I seem to be around then you have. So many of us have the dream and yet so few are able to commit to it or make it part of their reality.

Commune. The word conjures up many different ideas.
Co-op. Again all sorts of thoughts and preconceptions come to mind.

Is it possible for people to work together for a common goal? Do you want to? Because I do. I would love to build something that people could take part in and create with me.

What would it look like for you? What do you need? What would you like to see? Can we make your dreams come true?

For me it would be a large property (there’s 80 acres for sale that is about 15 min outside of Kamloops). It would have water, lots of it, for irrigation of pasture land and gardens. It would have flat areas and sloped areas, open areas and treed areas. There would be a creek with a willow on it’s banks who’s leaves dipped into the water late in the summer.

We would put up fences for our Jersey cows and sheep. We would let our ponies and horses run free in the pasture knowing they would happily come back to us when needed to pull the plow. We would sculpt the earth and fill it with permanent plantings which would feed our families for generations to come. We would camp out under the stars while we built a straw bale house together and dance under the same stars as we celebrated moving in day for the first family.  Our chickens would run free in the yard snacking on our compost and seaweed we gathered from the coast. We would put up a barn and hay shed as the winter winds drew near.

And oh so much more but as with anything worth while doing it requires work. And commitment. And vision. And determination. We can do this all we need to do is commit.

Want to read more about our plan? visit Kamloops Family Eco-Village

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