Weston A Price Foundation Potluck in Kamloops

When: Sunday January 17, 2010 at at 2:00pm-4:00pm (meeting) 4:00pm-6:00pm (potluck) 
(Third Sunday of Month)
Where: 2853 Bowers Pl, Kamloops, BC (map)
Contact: Caroline Cooper at 250.374.4646

We will be hosting a Weston A. Price Foundation Potluck. Please bring one nourishing traditional dish to share with others. If you are unsure of what a nourishing traditional dish is, please read Dietary Guidelines and Dietary Dangers. Please bring a list of ingredients for the dish or a copy of the recipe. This is for those people with food allergies or sensitivities to even properly prepared nourishing traditional foods.

We will be discussing the formation of a herd share program for Kamloops. We will review Naomi Fournier’s lecture on January 9, 2010 for those families that could not attend. If you are interested in raw milk, please come to this meeting.

Hosted by Caroline Cooper leader of the Kamloops Chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation for more information please visit her site at Eat Kamloops

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