Grow your own!

I am jealous. I will admit it. This fellow blogger grew her own popcorn. She has a small garden at home and grows as much of her own produce as she can. I have posted in the past about the Dervaes Family who have steadily worked at transforming this ordinary city lot into an organic and sustainable micro-farm. After reading about this inspirational family I dare you to not look at land use in cities differently.

Around here I noticed that corn was planted in a few of the city’s plots I assume for display purposes but imagine if it wasn’t. What if all of the grass we grew and cut down was actually food like wheat or barley? What if we had ‘lawns’ for a couple weeks after a harvest and we played on the lawn for those few weeks as a celebration of the harvest playing games of baseball and soccer. Our yards instead change with nature and it’s course of growth instead of being forced into conformity.

Just a thought… I’m planting popcorn in a block next year.

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